ICT & Management Training

Develop your ICT and business skills to create more strategic and entrepreneurial approaches to applying ICT in your organisation.

We also go the extra mile to provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge in ICT to simplify your activities and make sure you fit in every sector which requires ICT to operate. Additionally, we provide exclusive management training which helps to develop dynamic and inspirational leaders well-resourced with the key skills expected of a professional manager.

Our Management training enables you to develop your business, technology and leadership skills, making a strategic contribution to ICT in your organisation at a senior level, and using technology to deliver business improvement.

Linking learning and development to your work activities, you can ensure your professional development is part of the strategic plan of the organisation and can consider and reflect on established views of the organisation, colleagues and yourself, to promote innovation and change.

Our training is designed for professionals already employed in the area of computing and who wish to develop their ICT management skills. It allows you to gain significant course credits by applying knowledge and skills gained from this course to your company. Your knowledge is further enhanced via a number of taught modules.

You will be mentored and supported by a dedicated programme team to deliver a package of work drawing on your current projects activities.